Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Getting Started with OpenShift Spatial (Part 1)

Getting started with OpenShift. I started on Windows 8 Professional 64 bit laptop, while there are instructions available here and there, I eventually installed a Ubuntu VM desktop and found it much easier to work with OpenShift this way. These steps assume linux OS.

First create an account here.
Next, install the RedHat Client rhc:
Run through setup and ssh configuration prompts.
Once the RedHat Client Tools are available, we are ready to begin our first spatial application!
We will begin by creating a webapp that will run under tomcat7 and connect to postgis enabled database.

1) rhc app create spatialapp Tomcat7 postgresql-8.4

Now let's check out what was created for us.

2) rhc show-domain

I should see a git URL, ssh host, postgres database with the same name as my webapp.

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